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A product of rigorous and excited discussion between a few MuggleNet staff members, Alohomora! was crafted to fill the void left in the aftermath of the final Harry Potter movie release. Led by the rotating voices of the podcast, fans can now re-read the books alongside thousands online and share all their new insights on the show, as well as on the companion section. The project is entirely produced by fans, for fans.

Oct 25, 2020

You asked for it, you got it! After years of requests from our loyal listeners begging us to start another re-read, we are very happy to introduce Alohomora!: Full Circle.

Created and hosted by Kat Miller, Full Circle is a re-read of the Harry Potter series through the lens of Ring Composition. Featuring book-long...

Oct 24, 2020

On Episode 307 we discuss…

→ Hagrid definitely couldn't work there
→ Whose brains do they have in the Brain Room??
→ "Thoughts could leave deeper scars than almost anything else"
→ The Death Chamber - the room we know the most and least about
→ Are there multiple death veils?
→ "[Myrtle is] living her best...

Oct 10, 2020

On Episode 306 we discuss...

→ Harry reading Cliff Notes
→ Fandom theories from back in the day
→ "Eh, it's Half-Blood Prince. Things get a bit sexy."
→ Why did Aberforth buy a sketchy mirror?
→ Was Rose Granger-Weasley named after Madam Rosemerta??
→ Polyjuiced Draco in Hogsmeade??
→ Double Imperio!...