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A product of rigorous and excited discussion between a few MuggleNet staff members, Alohomora! was crafted to fill the void left in the aftermath of the final Harry Potter movie release. Led by the rotating voices of the podcast, fans can now re-read the books alongside thousands online and share all their new insights on the show, as well as on the companion section. The project is entirely produced by fans, for fans.

Feb 28, 2015

→ Episode 125 Recap: Stan Shunpike – A Master of Mystery?; Draco’s Dark Mark; Blood on Dumbledore’s hands
→ PQOTW Responses
→ Bummer Tonks
→ Wandering Patronuses
→ Snape’s thorough Potter knowledge
→ Dumbledore’s hand
→ WHO’S the new Dark Arts teacher?!
→ Harry’s right!
→ Question...

Feb 21, 2015

→ Episode 124 Recap: Harry's super-secure banking; Worries in the Wizarding World; Draco, Snape and Narcissa's redeemable features.
→ PQOTW Responses
→ Harry's actually right for a change
→ The real Mystery of the novel
→ Harry and Ginny
→ Neville the Unicorn
→ Draco's cunning but brutal tactics

Feb 14, 2015

→ Episode 123 Recap: Snape still sucks and Harry doesn't; Hogwarts curriculum; Weasley clock mechanics
→ PQOTW Responses
→ The sad death of the ice cream man
→ Diagon Alley black market and wizard convenience
→ Malfoys: Redeemable or not?
→ The genius of Fred and George
→ Draco is pretty obvious

Feb 7, 2015

→ Episode 122 Recap: Slughorn = Lockhart?; The Lost Army; Protective death charms; Slughorns allegiance
→ PQOTW Responses
→ Mollywobbles
→ As seen on TV spells
→ A Sirius issue
→ Question of the Week
→ Check out the