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A product of rigorous and excited discussion between a few MuggleNet staff members, Alohomora! was crafted to fill the void left in the aftermath of the final Harry Potter movie release. Led by the rotating voices of the podcast, fans can now re-read the books alongside thousands online and share all their new insights on the show, as well as on the companion section. The project is entirely produced by fans, for fans.

Dec 27, 2014

→ Episode 115 recap: An underwhelming Prophecy; Voldemort vs. Macbeth; Snape's motivations; Dumbledore and his redemption; Planned all along?
→ PQOTW Responses
→ The Centaurs & Umbridge
→ Hating Malfoy & Snape
→ Sirius's two-way mirror
→ Luna's foresight
→ Missing pieces at the end
→ Global Movie...

Dec 20, 2014

→ Episode 114 recap: Pivotal Fawkes; Lupin's wolfy side; A Sirius replacement; The physical Horcrux; In essence divided?
→ PQOTW Responses
→ Ask, and you shall maybe receive
→ The humanization of Albus Dumbledore
→ Great Snape Debate: Part four million and two
→ Breaking down the Prophecy
→ If...

Dec 13, 2014

→ Episode 113 Recap: Purely Lord Voldemort; Prophectic Pettigrew; Dancing Death Eaters
→ PQOTW Responses
→ The one that never loses
→ Bellatrix's schooling
→ Where in the world is Lord Voldemort?
→ It takes a magical village
→ A proper possession
→ Question of the Week
→ Check out the 

Dec 6, 2014

→ Episode 112 Recap: Magic study rooms; Seer name marbles; Candle colors; The calling veil
→ PQOTW Responses
→ At The Solstice will come a new… book?
→ Battles in Time and Space (Rooms)
→ When Brains Attack!
→ Shattered Prophecies and Hearts
→ Sirius is here now...and then not
→ Question of the Week