Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter

→ Chamber of Secrets! OMG! YAY!
→ Is the synopsis enticing?
→ Those crazy Dursleys
→ Potter's Lament
→ Voldemort's easy way out
→ Draco's creative side
→ Brothers Riddle
→ The Fallible Trace
→ Special Feature: Noah's Close Read

→ Question of the Week
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PS/SS, Book Wrap: A Tale of Two Titles (LIVE)

 Episode 8 recap: Mirror of Erised/Horcruxes, Quirrell, The Color Green, Dumbledore the Snitch?
 Special Feature Recap: International Book Covers
 PQOTW responses
→ Avada Kedavra = dead? Yes? No?
→ Overall book theories
→ Title Mechanics
→ If J.K.R. were a man...
→ Movie discussion: Neville, Peeves, Binns, Bane, & more
→ James Potter: Chaser or Seeker?
 Which Dumbledore is the best Dumbledore?
→ Harry, Ron, & Hermione spread some Alohomora! love!
→ We start Chamber of Secrets on our next episode!

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PS/SS, 17: Quirrell, You're Fired!

→ Episode 7 recap: Unicorns, Werewolves & Wizards, Alcoholic Content/Age, Filch, McGonagall & the Potions Riddle
→ Special Feature Recap: The Unspeakables - Destiny/Fate & the Centaurs
→ PQOTW responses
→ The final chapter is upon us!
→ The Manifestation of Dumbledore
→ Voldemort & the Horse Cheek
→ Quirrell's DEAD? Eh...
→ Personality & Power
→ Overall book theories

→ Chamber of Secrets: What can we expect?
Book covers from around the World
→ Calling all artists!
→ Question of the Week

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PS/SS, 15-16: The Power of Seven

→ Episode 6 recap: Motherly Hagrid, Hermione & the Mirror of Erised, Gamp's Gold, Flying Snape & the dog bite, The Cloak, & Hogwarts Security
→ Special Feature Recap: The Beast Inquisition - Dragons
→ PQOTW responses
→ Is being caught out of bed really a big deal?
→ Books to Brooms!
→ Smack the Centaur
→ Difference between already dead & slain
→ The Mysterious Headmaster
→ Harry the Seer?

→ The true, pure Gryffindor
→ The Seven Tasks
→ Special Feature: The Unspeakables - Destiny & the Centaurs
→ Question of the Week
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PS/SS, 13-14: A Little Place Called Hoot

→ Episode 5 recap: Snape/Filch, Christmas, Owl Cruelty & The Floo Network, Wrong Sortings...and yes, Desk!Pig...again
→ Special Feature Recap: Mirror of Erised
→ PQOTW responses
→ Early examples of Jo's brilliance
→ Neville's got grit!
→ The origin & uses of the Philosopher's Stone
→ Jo truly is tricky, tricky!
→  Hermione's feminine wiles
→ 99 bottles of brandy on the wall...

→ Hagrid the motherly 'Puff!
→  The amazing flying Hedwig
→ Special Feature: The Beast Inquisition - Dragons
→ Question of the Week

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PS/SS, 11-12: Check the Gravy, Weasley

→ Episode 4 recap: Gamp's Laws, Wrong Sortings, Halloween, Quidditch Gender Politics, Piñata Harry, & Desk!Pig is finally laid to rest
→ Special Feature Recap: What If?
→ PQOTW responses
→ The befriending troll
→ A Quidditch History Lesson 
→ Delay in the Curse
→ Snowballsy Fred & George
→ Honesty is Hagrid's best policy!
→ 50p & The Queen's Nose
→ Inherently human Harry Potter 
→ Hagerva?
→ Special Feature: Artifact Inspection - Mirror of Erised
→ Question of the Week

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PS/SS, 9-10: An Abundance of Bogies

→ Episode 3 recap: Grey Lady, Filch, Evil characters & Desk!Pig 
→ Is Transfiguration essentially science? 
→ Special Feature Recap & PQOTW: The Sorting Hat 
→ The forgetful Rememberall 
→ Hermione shows her inner Eagle, time & time again! 
→ Harry Potter: Piñata? 
→ Snape & McGonagall...BFF's? 
→ The Alohomora! charm appears for the first time! 
→ Cerberus & Fluffy...Dante's pets? 
→ Male/Female equality & the Pure Blood point of view 
→ Is Quirrell simply a really good actor? 
→ The Trio is formed! 
→ Special Feature: What If?

→ Question of the Week

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PS/SS, 7-8: Are You Gonna Eat That Desk?

→ Introducing MuggleNet Academia: Visit | Listen
→ Muggle vs. Wizard punishments
→ Recap: Wands
→ PQOTW responses
→ Wizard Morpheus
→ Hilarious Hogwarts!
→ Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak?
→ Peculiar, Pasty, Prickly Peeves!
→ Quirrell is foiled!
→ Transfiguration Woes
→ Details, details, details!
→ Rubeus "Loose Lips" Hagrid 
→ Special Feature: Noah's Close Read: the Sorting Hat song
→ Question of the Week

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PS/SS, 4-6: Vernon Dursley - Wizard?

→ We discuss the first theories coming out of the forums
→ Is Vernon protecting Harry?
→ Prometheus & The Wee Folk
→ Expelled students. What gives?
→ Noah tries to spread the Dursley love
→ We examine the "Muggle Scale"
→ What if the Malfoys had introduced Harry to the Wizarding World?
→ Is Ollivander...Tiresias?
→ We all "AWWWW" for the unintentional victim
→ The Giant Order of the Secret Keepers
→ Is there a magical Chalk Zone?
→ Special Feature: Artifact Inspection, Wands
Question of the Week

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PS/SS, 1-3: Yertle The Turtle

→ Welcome to Alohomora! Noah tells us what it's all about
→ The discussion begins: Ordinary Dursleys vs. Strange Happenings
→ Is Dumbledore ALWAYS right?
→ Is the way that Petunia & Vernon are raising Dudley the norm?
→ Harry is...weird.
→ Can snakes read body language?
→ The first brutal murder of the series is finally laid to rest
→ We all cringe to Tiptoe Through the Tulips
→ Special Feature: Pottermore, In Depth
→ Fans! We want you on the show! Listen to learn how

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