Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter (general)

→ Our impressions, both seeing it before reading and reading before seeing
→ Costuming and sets that bring the world to life!
→ Music and sound design: creating the atmosphere
→ Magic is real! (And it's made with illusions)
→ Perfect casting is perfect
→ Our favorite moments in the theater

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→ Our initial thoughts on the play as a whole
→ A functionally different epilogue
→ Rose Granger-Weasley: a study in reading vs. seeing
→ Scorpius Malfoy, the greatest nerd to ever nerd
→ Kids these days... er, in 2020
→ The Trio is all grown up!
→ The lasting effects of Cedric Diggory
→ So, about the trolley witch...
→ Draco and his troubled past

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→ Why Umbridge decided to not be a Death Eater
→ "Purr"-sonalities of cats
→ Historical roles of birch
→ Umbridge vs. Voldemort as villains

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→ Is Umbridge truly a Slytherin?
→ Umbridge v. Lupin: Comparative teaching styles
→ Is Umbridge sleep deprived?
→ Dolores fulfills her own worst fears while at Hogwarts
→ Is Umbridge pitiable?
→ Would she have joined the Death Eaters if recruited?
→ How is Umbridge handling Azkaban prison?
→ Who exactly is more evil? Umbridge, or Lord Voldemort?

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→ A new perspective on Remus Lupin
→ The badass within Minerva
→ Can we question her decisions to not marry Dougal?

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On this special bonus episode we discuss...

→ Has the brand lost touch with the fandom?
→ The Global Franchise Development team
→ From story and passion to business
→ How much is Jo controlling?
→ Fantastic Beasts and the Script No One Wants
→ What amount of blame does the fandom need to take?

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→ Minerva's Hatstall: why wasn't it mentioned in the series?
→ Did James Potter know Martin McGonagall?
→ Just how much did Albus & Minerva share with each other?
→ A tragic love life
→ Did Ron use McGonagall to learn about Hermione?
→ Minerva & Snape; what's the deal?
→ Does McGonagall believe Harry is The Chosen One?
→ What makes McGonagall so akin to felines?

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→ Does Salazar have Muggle relatives?
→ Do Ilvermorny wand rules pose serious issues?
→ Why Ilvermorny houses are superior to Hogwarts
→ The choice to live or die makes all the difference

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→ Welcome to the new format!
→ The extremist Gaunts
→ “I am Isolt Sayre”
→ Magic for No-Majs
→ Love Magic: More questions than answers
→ Fantastic American Beasts and Where to Find Them
→ Slytherin’s best self
→ We stand before the Ilvermorny sorting statues

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Beedle the Bard for a new generation
→ Broom games
→ Rediscovering the wizarding world

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