Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter

On Episode 205 we discuss...


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On this recap we discuss... 


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On Episode 204 we discuss...

→ A little more Patronus talk
→ The brightest witch of her age
→ The love of teaching
→ Being an individual
→ Not conforming to society's needs
→ Small yet powerful
→ A mother's love
→ A mother's desperation
→ Abuse playing into the picture
→ Is evilness related to pleasing a man?
→ The Hogwarts Regina George?
→ All hail the Queen

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On this recap we discuss...

→ Delphi's parentage
→ Scorpius nerdish qualities
→ Changing the people's opinions

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On Episode 203 we discuss...

→ We reveal our Patronuses!
→ A new interpretive theory of the play
→ McGonagall: Out of character?
→ Awkward hierarchy
→ Ol' Reekie train
→ Who can influence a prophecy?
→ Albus's character progression
→ The need to hear Scorpius's lines in Anthony Boyle's voice
→ Paint, memory, and finally confronted trauma
→ Draco's softening
→ Time Turners and Fawkes and the Elder Wand, oh my!
→Blanket potentially on fire: the joys of live theatre!
→ How is the Fidelius Charm working here?
→ Theories on Delphi's,
→ We have lots of emotions about the end

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→ Amos the "stage dad"?
→ Could Cedric really be a Death Eater?
→ Snape's self destruction
→ Snape and Hermione

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