Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter

→ Newt Scamander vs. Kennilworthy Whisp
→ The Holyhead Harpies movie
→ Michael sings Celestina Warbeck’s Quidditch hit
→ Check out the Transylvanian team
→ Devaluing the Snitch
→ Awesome alliteration
→ Quodpot: Hot Potato Dodgeball
→ Which broomstick?
→ Starfish with and without Stick

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→ Time turning to 2001
→ Meet Kennilworthy Whisp
→ A visit to London's Museum of Quidditch
→ Medieval history lessons
→ The Bladder Games
→ Finding Queerditch Marsh
→ Nostalgia bombing with Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup
→ Darwin eats a Snidget
→ Harry's Quidditch career that could have been
→ Madam Hooch's secret history
→ Muggle Quidditch

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→ Defacing a book
→ About the Author
→ 13-year-old jokes
→ Newt the Weirdo
→ What is a Beast?
→ Magical Laws and Muggle-Sighting Restrictions
→ Fwoopers and Phoenix and Kappas, oh my!
→ The Lethifold, The Plimpy and The Quintaped.

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→ Rivers of Death
→ The Three Brothers
→ The Gifts
→ Using the Hallows
→ The Pardoner's Tale
→ A Different Dumbledore
→ Scepticism or Secret Keeping?
→ To Remain a Fool

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