Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter

On Episode 209 we discuss...

→ Making a Horcrux: How Do You Even?
→ Horcrux pies and chocolate bars
→ Body and soul
→ The first kill
→ The Seven Horcrux Sins
→ Hot-Demort
→ Did Grindelwald make a Horcrux?
→ Rowling's least favorite Horcrux question

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On this recap we discuss...   

→ Peter and the Hat
→ "Heads or tails?"
→ Sorting families
→ Houses through the years

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On Episode 208 we discuss...  

→ Why is Hogwarts still Sorting?
→ The Hat is always right...or it thinks it is
→ Hat Stall: I do not think that means what you think it means
→ Should families really end up in the same House?
→ Controversial Sortings
→ Lockhart: is he really blue and bronze?
→ Let's speculate on some Houses!

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On this recap we discuss...   

→ Dumbledore did what was right, not easy
→ How could Dumbledore's sexuality have been included in the books?
→ A balancing of House traits

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On Episode 207 we discuss...  

→ No spoilers for Fantastic Beasts! (Well, we tried)
→ Dumbledore as the archetypal mentor
→ Is Dumbledore a good person and are his actions justified?
→ Timelines can be confusing
→ JKR got Harry's story from Dumbledore's portrait
→ Would knowing Dumbledore's sexuality have impacted Harry's story?
→ Everything goes back to that one summer
→ How does Dumbledore still trust people?
→ Regret and caution
→ The Greater Good vs. the one
→ Love of all kinds
→ Why do we have more empathy for Dumbledore than other characters?

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On this recap we discuss...   

→ Muggle ailments vs. Magical wounds
→ Flight, Fight, and Freeze
→ Why Order of the Phoenix Harry is exactly who he should be

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On Episode 205 we discuss... 

→ Magic can’t fix everything
SpeakBeasty host, Ariel, has a question
How Anne Rowling shaped Harry Potter
→ What Ariana stands for
→ Lupin, HIV and metaphors for disability
→ Silvanus Kettleburn: The Black Knight
→ Disability in the darkness
→ The abuse of memory
→ Taking advantage of the disadvantaged

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On this recap we discuss... 

→ Fiddling with the Fidelius Charm
→ Is there a secret hiding in the Order photo?
→ Giving Peter some slack

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On Episode 205 we discuss...


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On this recap we discuss... 


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