Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter
CoS, Book Wrap: The Chamber Pot of Secrets (LIVE)

 Episode 18 Recap: Solid 'Cruxes, Signature spells, Black market tears, Parseltongue & Albus' oversight
 Special Feature Recap: International Book Covers
 PQOTW responses
→ Stats, stats, & more stats!
→ What if Book 2 was Book 1?
→ Should Potter have been a TV series instead?
→ Percy? Rockstar? NO!
→ Pettigrew the Rat!Goblet
→ Would Warwick Davis eat the Desk!Pig?
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→ We start Prisoner of Azkaban on our next episode!

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→ Episode 17 Recap: Plant or Animal?, Soul bits, Snape's Secret Chamber, Lev's 'Puff, Filchemort?
→ Special Feature Recap: The Beast Inquisition
→ PQOTW Responses
→ King Elvis Riddle
→ Could the Sorting Hat have helped find Horcruxes?
→ Feather sense
→ Brains, Souls, & Molly Weasley
→ Hint of a Horcrux
→ Rubber Ducks & Cupcakes
→ Special Feature: Books Stats & International Covers

→ Question of the Week
→ Be sure to join us next episode for our LIVE SHOW! 

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CoS, 15-16: No One Likes You, Percy Weasley

→ Episode 16 Recap: Basilisk Travels, Summoning Sortias, MLF, Houses & Humors
→ Special Feature Recap: Pottermore, In Depth
→ PQOTW Responses
→ A seriously evil individual
→ The lonely Anglia
→ Chapter full of pay dirt!
→ Is Ginny just like Dobby?
→ Basilisk: new MENSA member
→ Lockhart = McGonagall?
→ Special Feature: The Beast Inquisition

→ Question of the Week

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