Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter

→ Episode 15 Recap: AirSnake, Dueling Sempras, Metaphors, Draco's melon, Myrtle's indifference, Psychology
→ Special Feature Recap: What If?
→ PQOTW Responses
→ Is Ron jealous of Lockhart?
→ The traditional Horcrux
→ Circular theory strikes again
→ Mandrake commitment ceremonies
→ Noah wants to ban HP?!
→ Would Hagrid have shot the Minister?
→ Special Feature: Pottermore, In Depth

→ Question of the Week

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→ Episode 14 Recap: Writing on the Wall, Parselmouth, Mrs. Norris, Lockhart's Vanity, Fear or Bravery & Hat Stalls
→ Special Feature Recap: Trelawny's Seeing Glass - Hidden Chambers
Alohomora! Homework: Wagga Wagga poems
→ PQOTW Responses

→ Harry Freakin' Potter!
→ The fire inside
→ Why Snape?!?
→ The most underrated moment in the series
→ A phoenix's life for me!
→ Hermione's alter ego
→ Special Feature: What If?

→ Question of the Week

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