Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter

→ Chamber of Secrets! OMG! YAY!
→ Is the synopsis enticing?
→ Those crazy Dursleys
→ Potter's Lament
→ Voldemort's easy way out
→ Draco's creative side
→ Brothers Riddle
→ The Fallible Trace
→ Special Feature: Noah's Close Read

→ Question of the Week
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Alohomora! Promotional Video

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PS/SS, Book Wrap: A Tale of Two Titles (LIVE)

 Episode 8 recap: Mirror of Erised/Horcruxes, Quirrell, The Color Green, Dumbledore the Snitch?
 Special Feature Recap: International Book Covers
 PQOTW responses
→ Avada Kedavra = dead? Yes? No?
→ Overall book theories
→ Title Mechanics
→ If J.K.R. were a man...
→ Movie discussion: Neville, Peeves, Binns, Bane, & more
→ James Potter: Chaser or Seeker?
 Which Dumbledore is the best Dumbledore?
→ Harry, Ron, & Hermione spread some Alohomora! love!
→ We start Chamber of Secrets on our next episode!

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