Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter
PS/SS, 17: Quirrell, You're Fired!

→ Episode 7 recap: Unicorns, Werewolves & Wizards, Alcoholic Content/Age, Filch, McGonagall & the Potions Riddle
→ Special Feature Recap: The Unspeakables - Destiny/Fate & the Centaurs
→ PQOTW responses
→ The final chapter is upon us!
→ The Manifestation of Dumbledore
→ Voldemort & the Horse Cheek
→ Quirrell's DEAD? Eh...
→ Personality & Power
→ Overall book theories

→ Chamber of Secrets: What can we expect?
Book covers from around the World
→ Calling all artists!
→ Question of the Week

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PS/SS, 15-16: The Power of Seven

→ Episode 6 recap: Motherly Hagrid, Hermione & the Mirror of Erised, Gamp's Gold, Flying Snape & the dog bite, The Cloak, & Hogwarts Security
→ Special Feature Recap: The Beast Inquisition - Dragons
→ PQOTW responses
→ Is being caught out of bed really a big deal?
→ Books to Brooms!
→ Smack the Centaur
→ Difference between already dead & slain
→ The Mysterious Headmaster
→ Harry the Seer?

→ The true, pure Gryffindor
→ The Seven Tasks
→ Special Feature: The Unspeakables - Destiny & the Centaurs
→ Question of the Week
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