Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter
PS/SS, 7-8: Are You Gonna Eat That Desk?

→ Introducing MuggleNet Academia: Visit | Listen
→ Muggle vs. Wizard punishments
→ Recap: Wands
→ PQOTW responses
→ Wizard Morpheus
→ Hilarious Hogwarts!
→ Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak?
→ Peculiar, Pasty, Prickly Peeves!
→ Quirrell is foiled!
→ Transfiguration Woes
→ Details, details, details!
→ Rubeus "Loose Lips" Hagrid 
→ Special Feature: Noah's Close Read: the Sorting Hat song
→ Question of the Week

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PS/SS, 4-6: Vernon Dursley - Wizard?

→ We discuss the first theories coming out of the forums
→ Is Vernon protecting Harry?
→ Prometheus & The Wee Folk
→ Expelled students. What gives?
→ Noah tries to spread the Dursley love
→ We examine the "Muggle Scale"
→ What if the Malfoys had introduced Harry to the Wizarding World?
→ Is Ollivander...Tiresias?
→ We all "AWWWW" for the unintentional victim
→ The Giant Order of the Secret Keepers
→ Is there a magical Chalk Zone?
→ Special Feature: Artifact Inspection, Wands
Question of the Week

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