Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter
PS/SS, 13-14: A Little Place Called Hoot

→ Episode 5 recap: Snape/Filch, Christmas, Owl Cruelty & The Floo Network, Wrong Sortings...and yes, Desk!Pig...again
→ Special Feature Recap: Mirror of Erised
→ PQOTW responses
→ Early examples of Jo's brilliance
→ Neville's got grit!
→ The origin & uses of the Philosopher's Stone
→ Jo truly is tricky, tricky!
→  Hermione's feminine wiles
→ 99 bottles of brandy on the wall...

→ Hagrid the motherly 'Puff!
→  The amazing flying Hedwig
→ Special Feature: The Beast Inquisition - Dragons
→ Question of the Week

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