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A product of rigorous and excited discussion between a few MuggleNet staff members, Alohomora! was crafted to fill the void left in the aftermath of the final Harry Potter movie release. Led by the rotating voices of the podcast, fans can now re-read the books alongside thousands online and share all their new insights on the show, as well as on the companion section. The project is entirely produced by fans, for fans.

Mar 28, 2020

On Episode 294 we discuss...

→ Does Golpalott’s Third Law actually make sense?
→ What if Harry had given a bezoar to Snape?
→ Slughorn compares Harry to Lily more than James
→ Why didn't Harry just ask Dumbledore what a Horcrux was?
→ Alohomora Research Corner: powered by Ctrl-F
→ A glimpse into classroom...

Mar 14, 2020

On Episode 293 we discuss...

→ The political structure of the wizarding world
→ Do wizards see the Queen as the Head of State?
→ Is there magic within the monarchy and Parliament?
→ Rosie has become the official wizarding world archivist
→ The hierarchy of departments within the Ministry of Magic
→ Arthur...

Feb 29, 2020

On Episode 292 we discuss…

→ Was Quirrell a victim of toxic masculinity?
→ You had me at hello
→ Lockhart is amazing at alliteration
→ "There is plenty to be learned even from a bad teacher..."
→ Lupin is Elsa...conceal, don't feel
→ Harry's first sane DADA teacher!
→ Did Barty Crouch Jr. enjoy...

Feb 17, 2020

On this special bonus episode we discuss…

→ Getting involved with Harry Potter
→ The Wizarding Language of Heraldry
→ Deep dive into imagery, cover by cover
→ Black Dog and Potter
→ Artistic style, keeping 20 years new
→ Crafting the covers
→ Drawing Hogwarts

Feb 15, 2020

On Episode 291 we discuss...

→ Inbreeding is bad because it causes confusion!
→ Bellatrix has a dragon heartstring wand, which is a core shared by an odd cadre of characters
→ Why Bellatrix was killed by Molly Weasley
→ All of London should be covered in statues of Molly Weasley!
→ Why does Narcissa protect...