Alohomora!: A Global Reread of Harry Potter

On Episode 215 we discuss...

→ The curse moves to NYC
→ Can canon be bias-free?
→ Rowling’s fingerprints
→ Entitlement or constructive criticism?
→ Canonizing Non-Canonicity
→ Choose Your Own 19 Years Later
→ “Let’s make a baby! I love you, Bellatrix!”
→ What we miss from the missing characters
→ What's your canon?

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On this recap we discuss...

→ Harry, Riddle and moral grayness
→ Relevance and timelessness
→ Rowling's responsibility
→ Reading Potter with the next generation

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On Episode 214 we discuss...

→ Harry’s Cinderella moment
→ “You will be independent because I demand it!”
→ The weird connection of Moaning Myrtle and Ginny
→ Beware nice words and pretty people
→ What’s Prisoner of Azkaban’s secret ingredient?
→ The shock of Goblet of Fire
→ Teachers of the revolution
→ The empathy of Luna Lovegood
→ Dumbledore’s diary
→ The essential sacrifice
→ What has Harry Potter taught you?

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On this recap we discuss...

→ A lesson in paper sizes
→ Who’s chasing the Marauders?
→ MockingPhoenixJay
→ James and Sirius support the Moutahora Macaws
→ Can we spot Rowling’s writing?

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On Episode 213 we discuss... 

Read the Prequel!
→ What time of year did this escapade take place?
→ Are James & Sirius in the Order of the Phoenix already?
→ Who exactly is chasing them on brooms?
→ Alternate theories on what is happening
→ WHY James & Sirius?
→ Who else would we want a little prequel about?
→ Elvendork - only appropriate as a Tolkien reference

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On this recap we discuss... 


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On Episode 212 we discuss...

→ Ilvermorny: A (Brief Recap) History
→ No one got the Salem Witches' Institute joke
→ Connections to the British wizarding world
→ What is Ilvermorny Castle like?
→ Controversy with using Native American culture
→ Are classes different at Ilvermorny?
→ Quidditch and Quadpot and wizard lacrosse!
→ Symbolism of the Gordian Knot
→ "We choo-choose it!"
→ Sorting, wands, and Rappaport's Law
→ Ilvermorny vs. Hogwarts Houses
Welcome to Ilvermorny (art)

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On this recap we discuss...

→ Raise your wands in memory of John Hurt
→ Did Dumbledore repair Hagrid's wand?
→ Twins and their wands
→ Harry's Horcrux messes up everything again

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On Episode 211 we discuss...

→ Our wands say interesting things about us
→ Ollivander's Bespoke Wand Selector questions are fascinating
→ American wand makers vs. Ollivander wands
→ Can you order custom wands?
→ How are wands made? (Magic)
→ Magical affinities between wands and wizards
→ Are wands alive?
→ Inherited and passed down wands
→ Muggles and wands
→ Priori Incantatum: unicorn and dragon edition
→ Characters and their correlations with wands

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On this recap we discuss...

→ Ghosts as punishment
→ Luna's spirituality 
→ Neville, Luna, and Ginny as a trinity
→ Draco: a Judas parallel? 

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